Transformation with pluggable electrical lighting installation

Regional office Stedin Netbeheer B.V. in Goes


Two office buildings at Anthony Fokkerstraat in Goes have been completely renovated and transformed into a single new office – the new regional office of Stedin Netbeheer B.V. Due to the short lead time of the project, the lighting installations were fitted by Tes Installatietechniek using pluggable electrical installations.

DALI-link Light Management System

The realisation of the specially designed multi-functional light management system for this project was developed in close cooperation with Isolectra, B.E.G. and Technische Unie. The system includes a DALI-LINK light management system by B.E.G. in combination with the complete DALI portfolio from Wieland. All B.E.G. components and actuators are housed in ‘smart junction boxes’ that are easily plugged into the Wieland cables. A small sb11 sensor is installed in each grid to record presence, small movements and daylight levels. The system is easily adapted.

Transformation with pluggable electrical lighting installation
  • Renovation & transformation
  • DALI-LINK light management system
  • SB11 sensor
  • Wieland DALI portfolio
  • B.E.G. / Technische Unie
  • 5-pole Wieland plugs
  • Pluggable electrical floor-mounted units
Transformation with pluggable electrical lighting installation

Pluggable electrical LED fixtures

Both office buildings on Anthony Fokkerstraat were already fitted with new Zumtobel LED fixtures that are easily reused. The fixtures were opened, cleaned and fitted with 5-pole Wieland plugs. This means that they did not have to be opened again on site and were easy to connect.

Following on from the lighting installation, a number of floor units in the head office were also designed as pluggable, ensuring easy connection of the wall sockets.

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