180 hotel rooms wired with pluggable electrical installation

In Holiday Inn Eindhoven Airport hotel


The Flight Forum Business Park in Eindhoven now has a new hotel. The Holiday Inn Eindhoven Airport hotel opened its doors in September 2019. The hotel has 180 hotel rooms, a large foyer, a restaurant with a bar and extensive meeting facilities. To ensure a high pace in the construction work in this project, to limit the number of hands on the construction site, and to minimise failure costs, Linthorst Techniek called upon Wieland’s pluggable electrical installations. 

100% pluggable electrical hotel rooms 

The electrical installations in the hotel rooms are 100% pluggable. From the 230V facilities to the wall sockets, (card) switches and lighting. Four pluggable electrical boxes per hotel room were developed, in which all pluggable electrical facilities are integrated. Before assembly started, all pluggable electrical boxes for one hotel room were assembled and tested – including the cables – in a test facility.


180 hotel rooms wired with pluggable electrical installation
  • 180 hotel rooms
  • 100% pluggable electrical 
  • 4 types of pluggable electrical boxes
  • Failure cost reduction
  • Easy installation 
  • Plug & Play 
180 hotel rooms wired with pluggable electrical installation

Minimal failure costs

In the design phase, all boxes and Wieland cords were labelled with a unique code. After the test phase, the pluggable electrical products were sorted into kits and the correct codes were applied to the correct products. Wholesaler Technische Unie combined the Wieland products with the pluggable electrical products of third parties and packaged them per room. This made it easy for field technicians to connect the right products in the right place quickly and easily, resulting in minimal failure costs. A question of plug & play. 

Read our news item about the Holiday Inn Eindhoven Airport hotel. [https://isolectra.nl/nl/over-ons/nieuws/stekerbare-installaties-bieden-flinke-meerwaarde-in-holiday-inn-eindhoven-airport-hotel-/]

[https://admin.isolectra.nl/nl/over-ons/nieuws/stekerbare-installaties-bieden-flinke-meerwaarde-in-holiday-inn-eindhoven-airport-hotel-/] [https://admin.isolectra.nl/nl/over-ons/nieuws/stekerbare-installaties-bieden-flinke-meerwaarde-in-holiday-inn-eindhoven-airport-hotel-/]

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