Pluggable light and power installations

for Feringa Building, Groningen


On the campus of the University of Groningen, construction is ongoing at the Feringa Building; the third new building for the Science & Engineering Faculty. Here, De Groot Lammerink Installatiecombinatie B.V. is responsible for the mechanical and electrical installations. They called on Isolectra’s Wieland pluggable lighting and power installations.  

Pluggable lighting installation 

Some 17,000 lighting fixtures will be installed throughout the property. All lighting fixtures will be fitted with a DALI controller, in combination with Wieland connection cords and connectors, allowing the lighting system to be easily and quickly relayed from office to office. In this project, Wieland GST18i5® cords and connectors in pastel blue and tomato-red were chosen for the pluggable electrical connection of the emergency lighting. 

Pluggable light and power installations
  • 64.000 m2  

  • Pluggable lighting installation  

  • Pluggable power installation  

  • 17,000 lighting fixtures  

  • GST18i5® pastel blue  

  • Tomato-red connectors for emergency lighting  

Pluggable light and power installations



Pluggable power installation 

Isolectra also provided pluggable electrical solutions for the power system installation. The wall socket outlets in the wall duct are fitted with two Wieland connection cords, which meant that this installation could also be easily and quickly interconnected. By opting for pluggable electrical installation, the finishing work in construction is cleverly overcome and work could be completed significantly faster. A plus for a project of this scale, size and with short turnaround times.  

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