Pluggable electrical light-floor installation

for NATO in The Hague


The NATO complex in The Hague was in need of expansion and renovation due to contemporary requirements and the growing number of employees. HOMIJ Major Projects was called in to design and realise the technical installations for the new building section. Together with HOMIJ Major Projects, Isolectra has already carried out several projects with pluggable electrical installation solutions, and this partner called on Isolectra for this project as well.


Computer floor

The NATO complex was perfectly suited to the concept of pluggable electrical installation. About three quarters of the electrical installation was under the computer floor. This floor, mounted on legs with 27 centimetres of cavity space underneath, offered an excellent opportunity to make full use of the plug & play concept.


Pluggable electrical light-floor installation
  • Expansion & renovation
  • Pluggable electrical light-floor installation
  • Time savings
  • Flexible installation
Pluggable electrical light-floor installation


Isolectra was involved in this project at an early stage, during the pre-engineering phase. On the basis of specifications, the engineering requirements were prepared and the components were delivered. The new building is equipped with a pluggable electrical light and floor installation by Wieland, in combination with floor boxes by A. & H. Meijer (blackbox type), which were delivered in the standard configuration. However, these can also be supplied on a customer-specific basis, depending on the desired application. Anything is possible; the intelligence is in the box. The advantage is that fitting is just a matter of plug & play installation. This is the essence of the concept of pluggable installation – it saves time and makes installation work easier.

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