Pluggable electrical lighting for the largest test location

Isolectra delivers pluggable electrical lighting to Radboud University Nijmegen


Radboud University Nijmegen, Comeniuslaan 4 and 6, has been thoroughly rebuilt and remodelled, and now has the largest digital test site in the Netherlands. Both buildings were fitted with new technical installations by CroonWolter&Dros. Pluggable electrical installation technology by Wieland was applied to ensure easy connection of the lighting units.

Limited heights

In the Comenius buildings, 923 workplaces have been created above a computer floor. Due to the limited space available under the floor, a pluggable electrical solution was chosen for the power supply to all computers. Isolectra supplied very flat Wieland splitter blocks to ensure quick and easy interconnection to all workplaces.

Pluggable electrical lighting for the largest test location
  • Pluggable elektrical lighting
  • 923 workplaces
  • Computer floor
  • Short lead times
  • Minimal failure costs
Pluggable electrical lighting for the largest test location

Sorted by system and floor

All lighting is designed for pluggable electrical installation. Via wholesaler Technische Unie, Isolectra supplied Wieland coupling cables, connecting cables, splitters, distributors for the lighting and sensors for the toilet groups. Delivery using special roll containers, in which all pluggable electrical products are sorted by system and by floor, ensured short lead times and virtually zero failure costs.

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