Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge doubles power

That’s why we founded the Isolectra Academy. An online learning environment where you not only gain knowledge but assess your own knowledge, too. 

As the market leader in the field of pluggable electrical installation, we believe this is our job. Our duty, even. You cannot work safely and error-free without the right knowledge.
So we teach you about standards, legislation and products, both existing and new.
Through seminars, writing whitepapers and offering full online courses. So you stay up-to-date and share in our knowledge and expertise.  

Isolectra Academy

Certified technician 

Isolectra Academy is brimming with information, useful tools and Tips & Tricks about pluggable electrical installation. The course Pluggable Electrical Installation: Assembly, and the course Pluggable Electrical Installation: Engineering, and the handy CPR Tool are all available online.

These courses explain the theory, address issues that technicians and/or engineers face and ask a number of test questions to check whether you have understood the theory. If these questions are answered correctly, the participant receives a certificate as proof of participation. This allows technicians to easily demonstrate their skills, and companies to easily and flexibly train their personnel, whether in-house or outsourced. Our goal?
Taking the quality of pluggable electrical installation to an even higher level.

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Isolectra Academy
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