Our customers are our focal point

Technology is what we do. And the world around us is why we do it. And the world around us creates the needs of our customers. The problems our customers face are where our challenge begins. And we love taking on that challenge. We put together bespoke systems with a focus on efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. Top-grade products with flawless and fast pluggable electrical (plug & play) installation. And where necessary, we’ll support our customers from A to Z.   

Project support

Isolectra is your partner. We assist our customers in complex projects. This means we ensure not only exactly the right design, but also that all the necessary items are in the right place at the right time via your electrical wholesaler. We do not like surprises.



Consultancy & Engineering

Pluggable electrical installation is our focus. We even dare to call ourselves the specialist of choice. Our consultants create an appropriate design for electrical installers in the field. We always look closely at what is the most efficient system for a specific project. It goes without saying that every design meets all standards and requirements. 

Kitting & Labeling

Zero risk of mistakes during installation. That is what we aim for at Isolectra. We create kits, labelling everything so that all components are packed together for each unit. A kit for each house or hotel room, for example. This ensures that every team of electrical installers gets to work quickly, without mistakes.  


Isolectra assembles and tests all materials for a project so that they can be immediately installed on the construction site. Quickly and error-free. 

This means all sensors are equipped with a pluggable electrical connection. The socket outlet and switch have already been mounted in a flush-fit unit and equipped with a short Wieland GST18 connecting cable. Finally, HVAC controls are built into a properly certified housing. What remains is plug & play work only.  

Rapid prototyping

Innovating and creating specific solutions quickly. This is possible with our own 3D printers. This enables us to quickly convert ideas into products and immediately carry out the necessary tests. Effective and cutting edge.

Curious about what Isolectra could do for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists look forward to helping you further.


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