Greenhouse Horticulture

Pluggable electrical installation in greenhouse horticulture


Traditionally, the Netherlands has been an important player in greenhouse horticulture. Exports of vegetables, flowers and plants are worth many billions. Greenhouse horticulture in particular, with the relevant specifically developed assimilation lighting, plays a huge role in this market.



Isolectra is proud to be part of greenhouse horticulture. And our share is growing. The increase in population growth is forcing national governments to increase home-grown production. As a result, policies are focusing on a higher degree of self-sufficiency. In recent years, greenhouse construction and assimilation lighting have spread from the Netherlands all over the world.

Greenhouse Horticulture
Greenhouse Horticulture

Challenging environment

Wieland Electric has developed the RST® concept together with Isolectra. A pluggable electrical installation concept for challenging environments such as greenhouse farming. All RST® products are IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K certified. This concept is now used in many greenhouses around the world. It is even considered the market standard for assimilation lighting.



The top-grade products enable fast, error-free (pluggable electrical) installation anywhere in the world. We are familiar with the regulations and standards in force on every continent. Together with our partners, we deliver installations with a focus on efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. And always bespoke.

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